At Millennials Finance

We are committed to helping Singaporeans proactively plan their finances. We will guide you in making smart financial decisions, understand financial know-how, and even in areas such as risk mitigation and wealth management. All through a transparent and easy to digest process.

Financial planning should not be complicated

61% of Singaporeans are not confident of achieving their financial life goals as they think that planning it is too complicated. We focus on the important things in life and guiding you to reaching them. At the end of the day, financial planning is more than acquiring a plan.

Financial planning and life insurance is a taboo in our society

The financial services industry lacks the public’s trust in Singapore. Many do not completely understand financial planning and misselling due to a vested interest in commissions is the main reason people are apprehensive of the “complicated” process of financial planning.

Norman Teo, CHFC®/S

Chartered Financial Consultant

Millennials Finance

Norman is a licensed financial representative from a leading financial institution who strives to empower Singaporeans to make smart financial decisions. Financial success should never be about buying excessive products, but the ability to make sound financial decisions conscientiously. He is committed to farsighted and all-inclusive financial planning to provide suitable solutions to any individual. With his parents being a strong influence on why he entered the financial services industry, he made it a point to help families the same way others have helped him.


Education / Retirement

Ensuring your financials keep pace to support your goals, child’s education or enjoy a fruitful retirement


Ensuring your dependents’ needs are provided for in the event you are no longer around


Giving your money access to top performing funds to magnify their returns

Mortgage Insurance

Protect your mortgage loan against unfortunate life changing events

Corporate Solutions

Helping companies develop and implement business protection and employee welfare benefits

Legacy Planning

Preserving and distributing your hard-earned wealth to your family and future generations


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